Forms for insurance coverage of massage therapy, compression stocking, orthotics, etc.


Insurance certificates #OCF-19 determination of catastrophic impairment

$160 each

Insurance certificates #OCF-3 disability certificate


Life insurance death certificate


Medical certificate for EI compassionate care benefit


CAS application for prospective foster parent


Medical certification/form of pre-employment, fitness clubs, hospital or nursing home employee


Medical certificate for employment insurance maternity/sickness benefit INS5140


Driver’s Medical Exam and form.


Replacement of lost referral note, lab requisition or prescription


Revenue Canada, Federal Disability tax credit


TB skin test for pre-employment (hospital, nursing home, volunteer)

$40/1 step, $60/2 steps

Forms for school, camps, preschool, daycare, university or other educational institution (excluding examination)


Back to work/school note, sick note, daycare note


Physical exam when request by 3rd party


Liquid nitrogen for warts (OHIP only cover the treatment on foot and genital area)

$20 for initial and then $5 per additional

Cosmetic skin minor procedure (skin tags, etc.)

$10/each, up to $50

Replacement of lost referral note, lab requisition or prescription


No-show fee

Regular visit–$40, Physical checkup–$65

Transfer medical records

$35 (first 20 pages) + 0.30/page thereafter.
USB $50


$1 / page

Uninsured Physicals


Uninsured PAPs