EMR Requisition

Click on your EMR below to download an E-form requisition.
  • Open Accuro and select the Accuro “Bullseye” (red icon at bottom-left of the screen).
  • Click “Tools” then “Form Editor”. A new box will pop-up.
  • Click ”Tools” again then “Publish/Download”.
  • Ensure category is in “Standard Forms”.
  1. Search for requisition form “iHealth Centre” The Publisher should be “iHealth Centre”.
  • Click “Preview” as needed then click “Download” to complete.

Step 1: Download the E-Form zip files below. (Save to your desktop)

Step 2: Follow these E-Form installation instructions:

Each form has two components, the background image (.png files) and the html markup for the form element overlay.

  • Open OSCAR and click the “Administration” tab (user login must have administrative access).
  • From the side menu, click the ‘Forms/eForms” tab.
  • Click on “Upload New eForm” tab.
  • Click the Browse button to find the html file you saved to your hard drive earlier and upload it.
  • From the side panel, click on “Upload an image”.
  • Click the Browse button to find the first .png file you saved to your hard drive earlier and upload it.
  • From the side panel, click on “Upload an image”.
  • Click the Browse button to find the second .png file you saved to your hard drive earlier and upload it.
  • Please change the form name to “iHealth Centre requisition” for easy access by the physicians.

If you have a faxing function set-up, there is a second step to add iHealth Centre as a provider. This will allow you to select iHealth Centre from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the e-form and fax the form directly:

  1. Click on “Consultation” at the top of the Oscar homepage.
  2. Depending on your version of Oscar, either “Add Provider” or “Add Specialists” should appear. Here you can add iHealth Centre contact information (address, phone number, fax number).
  3. Enter “Centre” as the last name and “iHealth” as the first name and click “Save”.
  4. Click “Edit Specialists Listing” and then click “Cardiology”. In the list of specialists, select the check-box for “iHealth” and then click “Save or Update these Services Specialists”.
  5. iHealthCentre  is now appropriately associated under cardiology in your system.

Step 1: Click here to download E-Form zip file.

Step 2: Follow these E-Form installation instructions:

  1. Open PS Suite.
  2. Open a test patient’s chart.
  3. Go to “Settings” (towards top-left of the screen).
  4. Click “Edit Custom Forms” and a new page will pop-up.
  5. Click “File”.
  6. Click “Import Forms”.
  7. Select the applicable requisition from your downloaded zip file.
  8. Click “Download”.
  9. To test the requisition form, open a test patient’s chart again and go to “Data”.
  10. Select “New Custom Form” and this will open the requisition into the patient’s chart.
  11. To add the physician’s signature, double-click on the signature box (this will only work if you are logged in under the physician’s account).

The Ocean eReferral Network

The Ocean eReferral Network is changing how healthcare referrals are sent and managed, replacing traditional fax-and-paper systems, while keeping patients informed every step of the way.


  • Patients are kept informed about the status of their referrals and get better, faster access to care in their community
  • Healthcare Providers can easily send structured referrals right from the patient’s chart, view wait time information, and reduce delays from incomplete requisitions and faxes.
  • Specialists receive more appropriate referrals, with more complete information, while eliminating time consuming, paper-based workflows.